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Our Engineering Services

Due to increasing customer numbers in today's increasingly difficult competitive environment, customer relationships are increasing in importance day by day. Monitoring customer complaints or complaints on an electronic medium or conducting a review by visiting the customer's company may cause delays in taking quick action

Engineering services;

  • Rapid intervention of client-side problems , Error analysis
  • Informing the supplier (sending visual and sample samples)
  • Transmission of desired reactions
  • Regular customer visits
  • Include client-side meetings
  • It will create advantages in the form of good relationships with the customer's responsibilities.

Quality Control Services

The inadequacy of material moving within the supply chain can lead to high quality costs, such as the stoppage of production lines, delays and delay in shipment.

It may be necessary to intervene quickly to make any process unsuitable.

It is critical to create significant added value;

  • 100% Control (Visual and Dimensional)
  • Cleaning
  • Repair
  • Retouch
  • Labeling services

Global - Quality is achieved by concluding.

It is presented to our customers together with report graphics of the activities performed.

Other Services

PRC - Part Return Center, delivery to the production or analysis center for the analysis of faulty fragments.

Diplomat The service is in urgent need of parts, equipment, etc. in the European region. transfer.